9 August 2020

Kabuto - Beef Pho Noodle Pot (@NLi10)

Today is a hot day.  And what better way to manage that heat with some lovely spicy noodles.

Today we have the Beef Pho version of the Kabuto range of Noodles in a Pot, fresh off the Ocado order.

Asian flavours, from our freinds in Bristol. And lots of Samurai themed things - which is odd because I've always associated Pho with Vietnam.
It has egg in it but is vegetarian.
One thing this certainly has over the cheap versions is this smells amazing - like 'restaurant just brought your food out' good.
And while a little of that is lost in the adding of water, there is a great aroma and taste to be had.  The egg noodles are a little soft for me, I prefer other styles - but the zingy sauce is spot on.And they even actively encourage separating and recycling all the bits after you clean them which us very responsible of them.I'm always happy to have one of these - even if i do tend to use them as a rare treat instead of a staple lunch.

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