21 August 2020

Oggs Chocolate Celebration Cake #Gifted By @Cinabar

Recently we wrote about Oggs individual Victoria sponge cakes which we bought as a treat for Spectre’s birthday. Well the nice people at Oggs saw the blog and sent us over this wonderful Oggs Chocolate Celebration Cake, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect it appeared just as Spectre got confirmation that he got a new job. Impressive stuff especially during a pandemic so big congrats to him.

The cake came via a courier which explains the box contents not looking very neat, the cake had a bumpy ride. Thankfully once sliced up it looked a lot better and you could see the topping of white stars and glitter. This is a chocolate fudge cake with layers of sponge and filling and it was divine. There is a lot of rich chocolate, a proper indulgence. Oggs are impressive because they are actually vegan cakes, I had no idea when I bought the first one and this one is the same just a wonderful treat. There is no eggs or butter but somehow the sponge is moist and the filling layers are spot on in texture. These cakes are perfect any occasion that can be celebrated during a pandemic and vegan in a way that non vegan’s won’t notice.

Big thank you to Oggs for the cake.

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