19 August 2020

The British Snack Co. Sweet Chilli flavour #gifted (By @SpectreUK)

Many people have changed their shopping habits to online these days. For instance I have a new job starting soon so I've bought some new clothes from stores online. I'd usually prefer to visit a shop to try them on, but with changing rooms closed online seems the obvious choice. Although the clothes are returnable if they don't fit, it's a bit worrying as I've had to lose quite a bit of weight due to my knee rehabilitation. A lot of my old formal shirts seem to be like tents now, from when I was wearing suits for work before. My old beer belly used to fill those out too!

A high percentage of our groceries are bought online now and delivered to the door, with the odd top up of essentials by Cinabar and her mom braving the local shops maybe once a week. The British Snack Co. very kindly sent us some of their flavours of crisps and popcorn to try as they are hoping to increase their sales online, because many of the outlets they sell their brands in were closed due to lockdowns. I'll review their Sweet Chilli flavoured crisps this time and some popcorn another time.

On opening the packet there was a chilli aroma from the bright red crisps inside. I'm not kidding you, but my initial reaction to the first crunchy crisp I put in my mouth was; "mmm… wow!" I know that sounds corny, but let's face it that's the type of guy I am. These fire engine red crisps are ram packed full of sweet chilli flavour from first mouthwatering chewing right through to the aftertaste. These Sweet Chilli crisps are very tasty indeed. It's a real shame I only have the one packet!

Other flavours of The British Snack Co. crisps available are; Sea Salt; Cheese and Onion; Sea Salt and Black Pepper; Sea Salt and Cider Vinegar. I'd certainly like to try their Sea Salt and Black Pepper, as that's probably my favourite flavour of crisps. They usually go perfect with anything from just a pint of beer to a good hearty cheese and cold meats meal on a Sunday!

Information on the packet; Each 40g packet contains 204 calories, with 11.9g of fat, 1.7g go sugar, and 0.5g of salt. Please see the photograph for the ingredients.

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Mike said...

When you review stuff can you actually show the product