23 August 2020

Jamie Oliver Tortalloni - Bolognese Flavour (@NLi10)

 You can do a lot in 4 mins - include make yourself this authentic Italian Tortelloni.  Look at the Jamies on the box, dreaming of being in Italy.

Today we are eating the one on the right - because my veggie partner had the other one.

These pre-made pasta parcels are really good, I'm guessing they are fairly cheap to make and they keep for a good month so you can have some stashed away. 

We've talked about the Giovani Rana ones before - and these look to be of a similar luxury quality.  The store own ones tend to be a bit meat pastey...

All kinds of stuff in there!!

And here is Jamie claiming to have invented the concept of ravioli - which is why his Italian restaurant chain is  a little hard to grasp.  Still - his team were responsible for the best Carbonara I've eaten outside of Italy (then they changed the recipe - fools)

Boil water - add pasta - hey Siri, timer 4 minutes.

And you get this

Overcook and they become hard or soft depending on the ingredients and the bit you are looking at.  Slotted spoon necessary so you don't have a bowl full of boiled water.

Here I just added a dash of balsamic, the second day I had them with a full salad.

And the verdict.  They are fine.  The flavours are a bit muted, and it's all a bit pastey after the chopped version that is Rana.  There were little suspicious crunchy bits too making me think that some bone had crept through...  The pasta was great quality and where most of the money went.  The sauce didn't really survive cooking.

The experience was of a fine lunch though (or small evening meal in our case) and something with a bit of nutrition that you could trust a teenager to make.  It's basically a step up from noodles in a pot, but only just.

Not sure I'd go out of my way to get these again, but as the special offers appear I wouldn't say no.

So not at the top of the Jamie range (I think the sausages were great) but not something that's all brand and no substance.

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zeddy said...

I tried this tonight having bought before I saw your post.
Drizzled with black truffle oil and topped with ground back pepper and Parmigiano-Reggiano, it was excellent.

Then again black truffle improves anything.