26 August 2020

Lotus Biscoff Creams (Sainsbury’s) By @SpectreUK

Lotus Biscoff Creams

These Lotus Biscoff Creams are a new product, which seems fairly rare at the moment given the current climate. Cinabar tried to smuggle in a couple of packets during a food delivery. Of course after more than twenty years of irritating her, I know by now when she's up to something! Besides at the mere whiff of a new biscuit flavour, especially of Lotus biscuits, my nose started twitching and I bagsied a packet for myself. So Cinabar insisted I write a blog about them.

I don't snack anymore. I know that kind of goes against the grain where a blog predominantly about snacking in concerned, but I count my calories now and have done for some time. I find myself having to fight against any extra fat in order to keep my knee active. The operation was a success no doubt about that, but I've found any extra weight than what I eat and drink per day seems to make it ache and swell up to the point where I have to ice it more regularly. Why am I telling you this? Well I snack for pudding instead, so I'll be having this packet of biscuits over two nights after dinner. One of those nights I'll have a pint of beer too, and the other night a hot white chocolate drink. Just because I'm counting my calories, doesn't mean I go without, I just have everything in moderation. I rarely eat cake nowadays, so I prefer biscuits for pudding or a low fat ice-cream and a chocolate bar.

Lotus Biscoff Creams

As you can see from the photographs on opening these Lotus Biscoff Creams they are quite small, and they are unlike normal Lotus biscuits as they are round. They have quite a lot of filling. I have a habit of twisting biscuits that have a centre and then eating the inside first before devouring the rest of the biscuit. Cinabar tells me that's a 'thing', but I've been doing it since I was a small child and I've never had any intention of growing up. The biscuits themselves taste like regular Lotus biscuits with their cinnamon spice, so all good there. The creamy soft centre isn't overly sweet and complements the two halves perfectly. Although I'm not a 'dunker' these Lotus Biscoff Creams went fantastically well with my mug of spicy Chai tea, and didn't put me off my pint of beer, and also the hot white chocolate drink the next evening. We'll certainly have to get some more of these Lotus Biscoff Creams in, especially as they are nice and low in calories!

Lotus Biscoff Creams

Information on the packet; 15 biscuits in a packet, with each biscuit being 52 calories, with 2.6g of fat, 3.4g of sugar, and 0.08g of salt. Please see photograph for the ingredients.

Lotus Biscoff Creams


zeddy said...

I think I can see your knee's problem:
"I'll be having this packet of biscuits over two nights after dinner"

A week would seem slightly more moderate!

cinabar said...

Lol - but to be fair he calorie counts and its working for him. :-)