4 May 2017

Knoppers - King of the Eurowafer (@NLi10)

What must be going on for 20 years ago I went to Germany. This was the first time I'd ever left the UK, and was a fascinating dip into other cultures. Kinder Surprises were so cheap, and there were other products (that have since come to the UK) but also they had a lot more wafer based snacks than we had. At the time I was more fascinated with Ritter Sport and took lots of varieties back with me, but of all the snacks in the wafer category one has always remained my favourite.

Knoppers is king of the Eurowafer.

At the time I was laughed at for picking up what is essentially a toddlers snack, like a Milky Bar would be in the UK. All the German teens had eaten them of course,  but seeing a foreign guy buying lots and sharing them was a source of constant amusement. Naturally they accepted free food and agreed that it was a nice nostalgic thing for them but they were more into the alcohol and live music.

Now I find myself comparing every wafer I buy and review to these, and so I decided I should have a reference review to repeatedly link back to.

It's been harder to get these in the UK recently for some reason, these are the Polish packed versions, but still identical and made in Germany. Oddly I found them in an Iranian supermarket and I think they were selling them off as they were a pound for three. Naturally I bought 12 - and my office got through 9 on one day!


Essentially they are a standard wafer, with chocolate, and white creme, and hazelnut spread! Like a chocolate and Nutella sandwich. They are light and not too filling, but are very satisfying. It doesn't matter if they get a bit smushed and they don't really melt either.


They have a satisfying crunch then smoosh when bitten which beats most U.K. Wafers meagre fillings into submission. The fillings also avoid the dryness of your standard wafer, and the half choc means that you still get all the flavours.

The only real wafer bar that's made it to the UK is Kit-Kat, Blue Ribband having disappeared along with Kwil-Save.

Apparently you can still get a stack of these for a Euroover on the mainland, and some say that those are the full stacks of 5 (one for each school/work day?) Marketed towards the 9:30 snack break which is the sleepy Brit equivalent of 11am these are the perfect second breakfast and will get you home for lunch.

Having introduced my office to these I think that no other wafers will come close and I should restock with haste.


Sarah said...

I've spotted these in Aldi and Home Bargains most recently, but they do seem to crop up quite randomly. I do like Knoppers (sorry, that always makes me laugh), but I prefer Ferrero Hanuta. You can still buy Blue Ribands - I've definitely seen them in our local Asda at least. And we do have Tunnocks caramel wafer and wafer creams, which are pretty good! Wafers are great :)

NLi10 said...

Caramel wafers - of course! I'm not a fan of Caramel so wouldn't pick those up.