13 May 2017

Brewdog Jack Hammer Beer (Sainsbury’s) By @SpectreUK

Brewdog in Scotland produced this Jack Hammer beer. I do like the odd Brewdog beer now and then. They are always big on flavour and not for the faint hearted. Jack Hammer certainly didn't sound timid to me.  It's described as "Ruthless India Pale Ale" and at 7.2% volume I can well see why.

On cracking open the 330ml can I could smell a herbal hoppy ale with pale malt in the background. On first taste of this golden yet slightly murky pale ale, there was the sheer bitter bite of flavoursome herbal hops. This hoppy bitterness bashes about the tastebuds for a good while, before moving into pale malt and a slight bitter kick up the jacksie on its lipsmacking way into the aftertaste. This is definitely a very tasty craft ale indeed. One to be enjoyed on its own, I think, without washing down any food, although if pushed a spicy Thai or Chinese meal might go down well with it. Try it, I bet you won't be disappointed!

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