5 May 2017

Milka Choco Sticks (Pound World) By @Cinabar

Okay you can call them Choco Sticks, but I’ll be honest the first thing I thought was Chocolate Finger biscuits, the second thing I thought was that they were just like the ones made by Cadbury. Now Milka is one of the best selling chocolates on the continent, and as Milka and Cadbury are owned by the same parent company it isn’t unusual for their products to have more than a passing resemblance, albeit with the different the chocolates.
As it happens I have a large place in my heart for Milka chocolate, so I was really excited to find these biscuits in a pound shop of all places. There was a decent amount of biscuits in the pack, and they seemed to be the same shape and size as Cadbury Fingers. I gave one a bite and thoroughly enjoyed the Milka chocolate taste. I know that the taste of chocolate is a personal thing, and a lot of it is about the chocolate you had as a kid, but for me I love Milka and as such I loved these biscuits. The difference in taste is subtle, it is just a hint less sweet, a little more milky and there is a background nuttiness to it. The biscuit centre was a good texture, crunchy, but soon gives way.
These were very enjoyable to munch on, and I enjoyed the opportunity to try another Milka chocolate product. Import goodies often turn up in strange places like pound shops and I will be keeping my eye out for more.

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