16 May 2017

Bushido Premium Coffee – 24Karat Gold (By @cinabar)

When the lovely folks from Bushido got in touch and stated that their coffee was like liquid gold I have to admit I assumed they were using a metaphor. This coffee really does contain gold, there is 24karat gold leaf mixed in jar, and you can immediately see it glinting in the light. Bushido is an instant Japanese coffee and very obviously aimed at the premium market made with Arabica beans, and only the best 20% of the crop. I peeled back the lid and got a bit more of a close up of the gold, and couldn’t quite decide whether to add it to the cup or start sifting! I decided to experience the drink as it was intended.

I added a heaped teaspoon to my large mug and added boiling water, first things first – the gold floats! This makes the drink look wonderful, and really shows off the gold to the full. It is best if you don’t add milk though, as the black coffee and gold contrast each other and the drink glitters.

I’m not going to argue that there isn’t some novelty with this coffee, of course there is. It has shiny 24K gold dust mixed in with it! However once you are passed the novelty and have impressed the people you are making drinks for with the posh sparkles in their mug, at that heart of this is an excellent cup of coffee. The flavour is surprisingly smooth and easy to drink, with a lovely easy going taste. Its more of a relaxed afternoon treat, with it velvety flavour. I think people will buy this coffee for its gold element (in both sense of the word), but rest assured it makes a good cup of coffee too. What better way to impress after a dinner party than with 24Karat Gold coffee. If you fancy your own jar the Bushido Premium Coffee is available from Harrods (of course) and some select other stores: www.horsgroup.com

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