19 May 2017

Chocolate Fruit and Nut Salami (Marks & Spencer) By @Cinabar

Sometimes you need to take a second look at something on the shelves in the shop to really get it. I had a second look at this and was still a bit bemused. It is a Chocolate Fruit and Nut Salami from the new Spirit of Summer range from Marks and Spencer. Problem one, is a chocolate salami particularly summery? I have no concept of how to categorise it. Secondly did I just say chocolate salami, yep it appears that I did…

Ok I’m just going to run with it, I will stop thinking about the why, and get down to the taste test. The Chocolate Fruit and Nut Salami is traditionally packaged (for a salami) and is wrapped in paper. I unpacked it and fund the salami to have a white coating, which looks like some salamis, but on this one is just icing sugar. It was quite firm and I wasn’t sure how to share it, it doesn’t break and I didn’t fancy just biting in! I actually looked at the packet for instructions, but couldn’t find any. I figured if this was an actual (meat based) salami I’d chop it on a chopping board, so that is what I went for. It was quite firm but I managed to get slices to share.
Weirdly when I tried a slice it wan’t too hard at all, the praline nature was actually fairly soft. The taste was absolutely fab, there was loads of texture from the nuts packed inside, and the flavours of praline. There was a hint of the promised fruit in the orange peel that was mixed in, this added a nice sweetness and mixed up the flavour. This is a very rich chocolate treat, and the novelty nature of it would make it an excellent gift. I’m sure it would be fun at the end of a dinner party too, but as much as I loved the flavours I would find it a bit awkward buying another one for myself for snacking on. It is worth it once, just for fun though.

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Lisa said...

That's a really weird concept... seems more Christmassy to me than summery, maybe they'll do a Yule log version later in the year if it sells. Does sound tasty though.