7 May 2017

Pana Chocolate Orange - Raw. Organic. Handmade. (@NLi10)

I love these little, expensive bars of raw chocolate! I think this one was maybe £3 for 45g of chocolate which is probably a bit crazy - but within this stylish, present grade packaging you get six squares of unbridled joy.

Small enough to drop in a pocket or a handbag.

Wrapped up neatly in reflective paper

And with hearts and messages of joy!  And the smell is just solid chocolate and orange oil from the second you crack the box.

You just need a single cube too - it's got all the richness and flavour you'd expect alongside that pre-melted chocolate texture that raw chocolates do so well.  Can I tell the brands apart by taste and texture? Not even slightly - I think that's why the packaging is so important! That's not so important though - these are just heavenly and all about that intense taste and luxury feeling and are amazing after a meal.

Probably not for sharing then.

I picked this up from Birmingham's big new health food store/restaurant Natural Healthy Foods so expect more write ups as I justify the crazy amount of things i'm picking up...

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