26 May 2017

Hagen Dazs Mango And Raspberry on a stick (@NLi10)

phew - it's a scorcher! Or at least it is in England, and relative to the rest of our weather. Before the inevitable rain of the bank holiday weekend let us quickly review icecreams again.

We return to the Hagen dazs range that imitates but surpasses the Magnums that we love so much but to try the fruitier version.

Freeze dried raspberries are one of my favourite things so sticking them on something automatically promotes it in my eyes. And these are good - they don't detract from the overall idea and remind me of the dipped Pocky.

And look at that marbeling 
! The raspberry is deep and luscious and like the caramel has a unique (patented) deep swirl that means the fruit flavour builds towards a crashing finale. A superb way to spend the summer - all two days of it!

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