21 May 2017

Jam filled monkeys and Jaffa larvae (@NLi10)

I've been raiding the Polski Skleps again and found a few interesting treats.

They seem from the packaging to be variations on the Jaffa Cake theme. Take some sponge, slap on some sticky stuff, cover it in chocolate and decorate the box with pretty pictures.

Blogger still doesn't like rotating pictures
 Here we see option one - Casali Schoko-Bananen Monkeys (Apfel).  The box boasts that they are 11% fruit - this seems not to be something that I'd be calling attention to.  If I had to guess from the sheer amount of text on the back I'd say these are Austrian.

The one on the box looks like a monkey...

...the ones in the box look like the Dr. Who villain version of a monkey.  I can picture these following you down a corridor in a dramatic fashion.  So what are they made of?

Dark chocolate, banana foam and apple jam! And aftertaste - these are mostly aftertaste.

Short aside, when I was tiny my parents got me my own tiny sweetshop with lots of things to give out and play with and eat.  The very last thing that got eaten from the whole thing was the foam bananas. I think that one foam banana at a time is enough for anyone.  

These taste of foam banana with a strong dark chocolate on top and an aftertaste of synthetic apples and bring back memories of that time.  Similarly I will be giving most of these away.  They aren't bad - indeed the quality on these is much higher than I'd expected - but they aren't something I'm going to crave.

Next we have Krakuski fasolki (which seems to actually be made by Bahlzen) a small, elongated Jaffa cake - in keeping with the above jungle theme these look like the grubs that celebrities are forced to eat on television to revive their careers.  The art on the bag centres around an odd green blob which I guess must be on the TV adverts or something but appears to have nothing to do with the flavour shape or size.  Maybe he is what the larvae eventually hatch into.

While the above monkeys look immaculate but misshapen, these have been jiggled around in the bag and are worn down.  They are very bite size, but what is in that bite?

Mostly cake with a tiny bit of very strong Jaffa!  The flavour is OK but again there is a really acidic aftertaste which put me off eating more than a couple - and I can eat a pack of Tesco Value Jaffa Cakes in one sitting without any assistance.  Nothing special, and something I'm sure I could much through the remainder of the bag eventually but these can go on the sharing pile and I'll move on to nicer things.

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