8 May 2017

Lamb Kofta & Yogurt Crisps (Marks and Spencer) By @Cinabar

So I’m back exploring the new range from Marks and Spencer, Spirit of Summer. I know, it is a little early for the season, but I spotted "new" labels so I'm going for it. In the crisps aisle they have introduced these new Lamb Kofta and Yogurt variety and I couldn’t wait to give them a try. I love meaty flavours of crisps, and usually find myself drawn to chicken crisps. You don’t see many lamb flavoured crisps on the market, so I was really keen to give these a try.
I opened up the bag and found the aroma to be very mild, and although slightly meaty there wasn’t much to help identify the flavour. I gave one a try and again found them to be very light in flavour. I had expected these crisps to pack a punch, to be a full on lamb flavour with loads of cumin and coriander, but they were more focused on the yogurt element. The crisps tasted creamy and cooling, with just a hint of lamb. The texture was easy going too, they weren’t too thickly cut, but had a nice light crunch to them. This made them easy to eat, and the taste was non offensive, but I think they missed an opportunity to be much stronger and something which would get anyone you share the bag with talking about them.

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