3 May 2017

Mediterranean Cracked Mixed Pepper Crisps (ASDA) By @SpectreUK

I'm always on the lookout for crisps that I can enjoy with beer. I usually like Ready Salted crisps with beer, because it generally enhances the flavour of the beverage rather than distracting from it with something like Beef and Onion Flavour, Sweet Chilli or Worcester Sauce. Previously I've enjoyed plain crisps and Cracked Black Pepper with Sea Salt. These new Walkers Mediterranean Cracked Mixed Pepper Crisps were cooked in 100% olive oil from Spain, sounded like the perfect crisp feast to wash down with a beer after a long morning at the gym.

On opening the packet there was certainly a peppery smell to the potato crisps inside. On first taste the crunchy crisps had a spicy peppery lightly salted taste. I could certainly tell there was a mixture of peppers here, with white pepper battling the black pepper and pink pepper trying to part them, and hints of capsicum. This left my mouth watering for more and a sip or two of my beer to cool my palette. I thought these Mediterranean Cracked Mixed Pepper Crisps were very tasty and very moreish. They are certainly a step up from regular black pepper and sea salt crisps. I'd undoubtedly have these again and on a regular basis.

Information on the packet;

The 140g packet contained 159 calories per recommended 30g serving (although I ate the whole packet!), having 9.7g of fat, 0.3g of sugar and 0.32g of salt. With no MSG, or artificial colours or preservatives, and suitable for vegetarians, the ingredients included; potatoes, olive oil, black pepper, white pepper, pink pepper, capsicum, salt and natural flavouring.

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