11 May 2017

Crunchy Nut Peanut Butter Clusters (by @NLi10)

On FaceBook I've been seeing a lot of sponsored posts by Kellogg's talking about their new Crunchy Nut cereal, Peanut Butter Clusters.  It was one of those 'limited edition' things where you just know if it takes off that it'll stick around, but that's the question - does this work?

It's not corn-flakes which is very disconcerting, and it's a lot closer to Nestle Clusters (which are fab because it's basically just sugar and nuts).  Here we see I've also gone for the least appealing of all the almond milks, having no added sugar or roasting - and I love it! This is what people who have switched to skimmed milk wish they were brave enough to move to.  It takes great with cereal, although I think it needs a bit more fat to bond with tea - maybe coconut is best for that (or the thicker stuff that the pro-coffee shops serve you).

The cereal itself smells very peanuty, and has a hit of crunchy nut about it, but just isn't as satisfying as that honey and peanut blend that I was raised on.  The texture is good, it's more like a granola, although the bites are very samey so it's maybe not as good as a couple of things I have lined up to review in the summer cereal releases.

It's a nice enough weekend cereal, it's well worth getting one box - and it'll certainly get finished, but I think it will stay in the 'limited edition' slot and will only be missed by Americans and those who need just that little bit more peanut to be satisfied.

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