31 May 2017

Savsé Protein Smash (Waitrose) By @SpectreUK

This Savsé Protein Smash is sported as a strawberry milkshake with a twist of coconut and apple. Often smoothies have a secret banana ingredient that makes the smoothie just taste of banana. There didn't seem to be any banana in this drink's ingredients, although it was a yellowish milky colour after a good shake straight from the fridge. I do hate sneaky banana in smoothies and milkshakes as to me it spoils the taste of the other ingredients.

On opening the bottle there was a luscious strawberry smell with a good hit of apple and a hint of coconut milk. Okay good no banana in the ingredients… check! No banana in the smell… check! Once I began drinking I realised the 100ml serving suggestion would go straight out of the window. This Strawberry Protein Smash, which is what it should be called, has strawberry as a dominate flavour mixed well with the creamy coconut milk throughout, whilst my tastebuds were tickled by the apple that lends an extra tang. This was a simply delicious pudding drink that felt healthy as well as wholesome. I'd certainly have it again, and not one banana in sight!

Information on the bottle;
The 250ml bottle contains per 100ml serving 2.2g of fat, 6.9g of sugar, and 0.1g of salt. Ingredients included; apple (40%), strawberry (20%), coconut water (20%), coconut milk (10%), whey protein milk (5%), and lemon (5%).

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