8 December 2020

Choco Leibniz with the taste of Baileys (Sainsbury's) By @Cinabar

Choco Leibniz with the taste of Baileys

As someone who like chocolate the biscuits Choco Leibniz should be higher in the pile of biscuits I choose. They are German biscuits but are found in most of the main supermarkets these days ie not just Waitrose but Sainsbury's stock them too. The ratio of chocolate to biscuit on a Choco Leibniz biscuit is impressive, the chocolate is almost as thick as the biscuit which is my kind of thing.

This year they have a seasonal edition out called, not that concisely, “Choco Leibniz with the taste of Baileys” I can’t help thinking there is some weird labelling rule that has led to the naming, or perhaps somthing was lost in translation. Jammy Dodger, Bourbon or a Choco Leibniz with the taste of Baileys with you cup of tea? Yes it doesn’t roll off the tongue.

When I opened the pack the aroma of Baileys was really rather strong, the scent of the liqueur was shiny through, and even created a scent bubble in the vicinity.

The flavour too was heavy on the Baileys, there was a lovely creamy whisky like flavour that worked wonderfully with the thick chocolate and crunchy biscuit. These are an indulgent biscuit and the intensity of the flavour is impressive. They worked together well, and made for an enjoyable treat. The name might be complex, Choco Leibniz with the taste of Baileys, but they do what they say on the tin.

Choco Leibniz with the taste of Baileys

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