18 December 2020

Tony’s Chocolonely - Dark Mint Candy Cane Chocolate (Sainsbury's) By @Cinabar

Tony’s Chocolonely - Dark Mint Candy Cane

It is Christmas chocolate time!!! We have a bar from a brand I haven’t tried before, and it is flavoured with Candy Cane, I love peppermint so I was really looking forward to trying this large Tony’s Chocolonely - Dark Mint Candy Cane bar. It is large, it is quite heavy and quite thick. I unwrapped the chocolate and the bar itself made me smile, it was shaped liked a Christmas tree decoration (complete with hole for a thread) in a cracked chocolate background. There was no way this was going on our tree this was going in my mouth!

I broke a piece off the Tony’s Chocolonely Dark Mint Candy Cane bar, which was easier said than done. This chocolate is seriously chunky! The chocolate is a 51% dark chocolate, so the cocoa is rich and dark but the chocolate is still sweet. There is peppermint candy cane scattered throughout the bar, and it adds a decent amount of peppermint and crunch but honestly as a mint fan I would have liked more. Due to the distribution of bits some bites of chocolate were wonderfully minty others were too mild. For me though the biggest problem with the bar, the thing that would stop me buying it again, is the size of the pieces. The chocolate is too thick, it is annoying to break off and not fun to chew on, if it was half the thickness it might not look so amazing but I would enjoy it a lot more!

Tony’s Chocolonely - Dark Mint Candy Cane

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Anonymous said...

I too find the bars too thick - I am unable to break them into pieces