25 December 2020

Chocolate Buck’s Fizz Candles (Waitrose) By @Cinabar

Chocolate Buck’s Fizz Candles (Waitrose)

I hope all our readers have had good safe Christmas this year. We may not have seen family as much as usual but I hope you all managed to have a good day and open a few prezzies. One stocking filler I’ve had are these Chocolate Buck’s Fizz Candles from Waitrose. Our local Waitrose is closing at the end of they year so I sort of realise this will be the last time we get Christmas treats from them.
Chocolate Buck’s Fizz Candles (Waitrose)

These are a Heston item but aren’t too weirdly flavoured. They are pretty to look at and topped with an almond flamer. The coating is a creamy white chocolate and the filling is a bucks fizz truffle. I assumed it would have been an orange with champagne and white chocolate flavour but the dominant taste was dark chocolate with a hint of booze and touch of orange. The flavour could have been so much more zingy with the orange but essentially It was mainly dark chocolate, not an ingredient in a Bucks Fizz at all. The flavours worked but I’m not sure they quite did the Bucks Fizz part for me. Ah well, still tasty. Merry Christmas everyone!

Chocolate Buck’s Fizz Candles (Waitrose)


paulham said...

Now those (candles) have gone and (your) camera never lies, it's time to be making your mind up...about these.

I'll get my coat.

cinabar said...

Paulham - it is official you are winner of comment of the year :-D