13 December 2020

Tesco Mini Cinnamon Spekulatius - German Inspired spiced biscuits (@NLi10)

We have made it to mid-December, and the final of the three items surrounding the festive candle.

We are left with the most traditionally festive thing on the table - the spicy German biscuits

Well, German inspired anyway.  They are probably made locally.  They do have an authentic taste and smell though...

Enough to entice in kittens!  Look at that tongue action.

The designs are well embossed - you can tell what everything is.

And they are thin! Which works really well - they snap and crackle as you crunch them to release their lovely flavour.  And - these are both festive and very good for snacking - you do get a decent amount, you could pop these in a bowl by the TV and treat them like festive popcorn.

Possibly less authentic than the Aldi & Lidl versions, but without going to Germany these are close enough.


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