7 December 2020

Terry’s Chocolate Orange and Cranberry Bar (Asda) By @Cinabar

Terry’s Chocolate Orange and Cranberry Bar

This is the year of chocolate orange, if you are an orange fan there have been many products around. If you are Terry’s the indisputable king of the Chocolate Orange, then what do you do. Obviously focus on your key product, then bring out your key product in the form of a bar, and then, for Christmas fun add another fruit too. They may as well enjoy the year. It has been a rough ride, but they have still given us; Terry’s Chocolate Orange and Cranberry Bar. Awesome! I like the idea of the seasonal twist.

Terry’s haven’t done many limited editions, usually it is a white version or a dark chocolate version but a new flavour in a different format caught my attention so I was keen to try this. The bar itself is smart looking, and looks like little segments of orange stacked on each other. The milk chocolate had plenty of orange and the twist of the cranberry added a sourness and texture both of which I loved. This combination really worked, I hope they bring it out in future years too.

Terry’s Chocolate Orange and Cranberry Bar

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Lisa said...

I wish this one had been dark, the cranberry pieces plus the milk chocolate were way too sweet for me!