31 December 2020

Gunna Steelworks - Cola & Ginger (@NLi10) @gunnadrinks @holland_barrett

I picked up a load of good soft/social drinks for the festive period.  For once some of these were FaceBook advert recommended - and not only looked good but were available on my local High Street -  praise the algorithms.

Spoiler pic at the top just because Instagram loves defaulting to the first picture (well the top half of it anyway).  We will get to the Steelworks Cola in a bit.

Here is the full collection of things - We've had the green cola and lemonade before (it isn't coloured green but eco friendly) and talked about them here. 

Lemonade easily good enough to have for (2nd) Christmas dinner though!  The rest are new to me - even if Gunna drinks have been around for a couple of years now I don't ever remember spotting them!

Gunna drinks seem to have positioned themselves as a harder non-alcoholic drink, in line with my social drinks philosophy. I made a special trip to Holland & Barrett to get these - and found three flavours.  They are on Ocado too so I can multipack and not have to carry them - should they meet our high standards.

First up we have the Steelworks Cola & Ginger.  I didn't expect to like this as much as the 'traditional' cola like Fentimans due to my aversion to ginger, but as my partner is a huge fan of ginger beer I expected this to be her favourite.  I was very much correct - the fireyness made this a lovely sipping drink for me, but hers was gone fast.  I'll be keeping this in stock in the house then!

Very high quality flavours and sparkle, and a great can.  Would work as a mixer or as a nice casual drink on a night out.

I'll be sampling the other two tonight (new years eve) as we stay in and catch up on a few movies that we've been meaning to watch over this festive time.

Stay safe everyone, get vaccinated where possible, and have a nice New Year!

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