20 December 2020

Krispy Kreme Khristmas 2020 (@NLi10)

 It's a Christmas tradition at this point to get hold of this years festive variations of the Krispy Kreme, partly to see if they've run out of ideas yet - and partly because we love these things.

The Reindeer one I didn't eat - it's the standard caramel ring with a clever red nose plonked in the middle.  Very inventive but not really to my tastes.

The tacky Christmas jumper is a chocolate crème doughnut with a green iced top and gingerbread man and nice sprinkles.  I really approve of this - sure I'm more of a raspberry glazed kind of guy, but this has a good balance of icing sweet and more doughnut sweet and chocolate sweet inside.

We shared the remaining Santa's belly doughnut.  The doughnut itself was surprisingly empty.  Maybe they forgot to squirt this one, but the flavour of the top was very fruity so it may be deliberate.

Overall a success!  I'm not brave enough to go into town to try the fresh KK ones (and Tim Hortons which is great when you've visited the German market - but that's not here this year either) so these will have to do.

Merry Khristmas!

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