10 December 2020

Snowy Enrobed* Oreo (@NLi10)

 I visited Tesco and picked up three festive snacks to review.  Here is the 2nd - the Snowy Enrobed* Oreo.  

The * informs us that these are covered with a white chocolate flavour coating, and not actual snow.  What a swizz - I demand my money back...

This is a very creative way of selling you less Oreos for your money, but if the chocolate is luscious and thick then I'm all in favour of this.

You get two per portion pack.

And they look pretty festive, and they certainly haven't skimped on the chocolate flavour coating.

I'd say that's a good proportion - wouldn't you?  These are pretty luscious, and could easily form part of a desert or party food display.

Probably a bit too sweet for every-day consumption (two is the right amount with a cup of tea) but I might be tempted to sneak a second set of these while they are in the shops.   

A great stocking-filler for any awkward teenagers out there too!

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