3 December 2020

Drinks! More Sky Juice and trendy beers aka - what's in my fridge! (@NLi10)

 Lets have a look in my fridge!

Lots of jars, lovely lovely Pizza Express house dressing, that chilli chutney from a few weeks back, and of course a few bottles of Sip Shack Sky Juice (which I just took some new pictures for and added to the old review).

And it's these drinks we'll look at today - not the one on the right - that's too Christmassy for yet!

So here we have a new variety of the Genna Juice version of Sky juice (grape) - a little American for my taste, but unusual enough to be very enjoyable.  Great with dinner!

What is also great with dinner is a tiny tin of beer.

This is a trendy beer that I like to have in trendy places that I have food.  The pump is easy to spot as I thought it had a diver on it.  Turns out its an old school space man skeleton - of course!

Here he is in his close up.  I also had another Beavertown IPA in a cool can that I didn't really enjoy as much.  This one is nice - Spectre is much better at describing beer than I am so I'll just say it went well with the chilli.

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