4 December 2020

McVities Digestive - Gingerbread Edition (Asda) By @Cinabar

McVities Digestive - Gingerbread Edition

Well our Christmas tree is up and our lights are on, Christmas has reached Foodstuff Finds and things are looking sparkly. Tinsel, Christmas candles, and the stockings are up. After an afternoon of decorating there was only one thing left to do, drink it all in with a cup of tea and a biscuit. One of the go-to biscuits is the McVities Digestive but this year they to have had a seasonal Christmas makeover, they have launched McVities Digestive Gingerbread Edition, perfect for my afternoon cuppa.

I opened up the pack and the biscuits had a mild ginger aroma but they looked much like regular McVities, they didn’t have any layer under the chocolate or anything, like some of the previous caramel versions. I think they were a shade darker? The biscuit has a really good flavour you could taste all of the usual McVities Digestive flavour but there was a decent warming hint of ginger too. The flavour was about half and half Digestive biscuit and half gingerbread and I loved the combo. Wholesome biscuit flavour and seasonal spice, the perfect treat for this time of year.

They also have out a Christmas Pudding edition McVities Digestive this year, if they are half as good as these I’ll be happy.

McVities Digestive - Gingerbread Edition

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