27 December 2020

Calyx Zobo - Grape & Hibiscus (bsaically Alcohol free Mulled Wine) @NLi10 @calyxdrinks

It's the 27th Dec here - we are in the Christmas Limbo period, but on Christmas Day I had one of the soft/social drinks that I'd been saving for a while because it sounded very festive indeed.

Calyx have made this Grape & Hibiscus drink (named Zobo) and it essentially sounded a bit like a festive mulled wine equivalent - but vegan and without the alcohol.

And it certainly looks the part - thick and red - and smells Christmassy too.

And the flavour?  POW!  It's really strong with the cloves and the spices really hitting hard.  Its a sipping drink for sure, but not one that's a chore to finish.  Consistently exciting and I wish Id picked up a second to bring too!

Turns out it's white grape - but more like red wine - I don't really understand the differences! And they have other drinks on their website too which I now feel compelled to try (although I got it from Waitrose I think).

To finish the festive experience here is Luna with the oversized fish toy my parents got her - I'm not sure she's that convinced - but we will see how it goes. 

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