30 November 2020

White chocolate and Vanilla Flavour Marshmallows (Asda) By @Cinabar

White chocolate and Vanilla Flavour Marshmallows (Asda)

As you may have noticed from some of my previous reviews I have been in pursuit of the perfect hot chocolate recently, and obviously the perfect hot chocolate comes with an accompaniment of marshmallows, and ideally cream but let’s focus on the former. Asda have these new Extra Special White Chocolate and Vanilla Flavour ones so I bought a box to see what they are like. They certainly look very posh.

Inside the box were six decent sized cubes of marshmallow coated in a thick creamy white chocolate. Being lady like meant I tried to eat them in multiple bites which wasn’t that easy. The soft centre of the mallow was still fairly firm and as it was also squishy it meant the white chocolate crumbled off everywhere. My attempt to be lady like soon disappeared with a shower of white chocolate on the floor. I should have just eaten them whole but they are quite big! The white chocolate coating was lovely and creamy and had a good rich flavour. The mallow inside was lovely and springy and had a nice sweet vanilla taste. I liked the mix of textures even if it was a little messy. These are quite special marshmallows, and I did enjoy the addition of the white chocolate even if it was difficult to eat. They went perfectly with my cocoa I even dunked a little bit!

White chocolate and Vanilla Flavour Marshmallows (Asda)

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