6 November 2020

Nestle After Eight Orange & Mint (GB Gifts) By @Cinabar

Nestle After Eight Orange & Mint

I think if I had heard that there was an After Eight style product out that was orange flavoured I would have liked the idea of a pure orange cream filling. I like orange creams but this is a slightly weirder combination as they have kept their mint flavour and combined it with orange. I was keen to buy a box because of their curious nature but I have to admit the flavour combination did mean that it wasn’t the first thing I opened after my order arrived. Here we are though, Nestle After Eight Orange & Mint.

The chocolates look just like regular After Eights except for being in a orange coloured box, they are in the usual sleeves and the filling is the usual white colour. So the taste test, well these shouldn’t work but it turns out they do. The mint is the predominant flavour but you would expect this as it is was the brand is all about, the orange citrus zing works remarkably well as a secondary taste. The zesty flavour and mint working lime in a mojito, softer because it is orange not lime but just as nice. I hope people brave this flavour and give a try, also they are a perfect stocking filler.

Nestle After Eight Orange & Mint

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