12 November 2020

Gosh! Ghoulish Beetroot Falafel with Red Peppers & Chilli (@NLi10)

I love unusual veggie/healthy food, and go out of my way to order or pick up exciting ones when I see them.  Gosh! make this incredibly easy by providing reasonably priced veggie delights that can easily be whipped into a lovely meal.


I think I probably meant to talk about these before Halloween.  Meatballs are red and ghoulish looking when raw - and these beetroot falafel are a little bit too close to that in appearance for your typical veggie shopper.

They certainly look a bit devilish!  Fortunately we have proof that they aren't.

Vegan? Don't mind if I do! And they are basically ready to eat so need to be prepared with something equally efficient - lets have Gnocchi!

With a little bit of the lemon Fox mayo from an earlier review this was a lovely mix of flavours and textures - don't worry - I added leafy greens to the top too.

The falafel themselves are a little spicy, a little chewy and very exciting compared to their regular brown cousins.  I'mm surprised I've not already had these again - my suspicion is I picked them up from one of the irregular shops and just haven't seen them again.  One for food lovers of all dietary styles.

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