20 November 2020

The Power of Sausage Roll Walkers Crisps (Asda) By @Cinabar

The Power of Sausage Roll Walkers Crisps

The Power of Sausage Roll Crisps seems to be the new Christmas flavour from Walkers this year. It is a bit of a weird choice but the last two years have brought with them Sausage Roll inspired Christmas no.1 hits, thanks to Ladbaby, so I guess it makes sense. Well as much as anything makes sense that it, plus they are for charity.

I love sausage rolls and as we were having some for lunch what better accompaniment than a bag of sausage roll flavoured crisps to have with them. Ok it might be a bit too much of the same flavour but I couldn’t resist, I do love meaty flavoured crisps.

The crisps have a sprinkle of a dark seasoning on them but are the usual thin cut Walkers crisps, which is not a complaint it is a texture I know and like. The flavour of these really does have The Power of Sausage Roll, they are very meaty with good flavour of both sausage and lots of nice herbs and seasoning that go with pork. There is a nice buttery edge to them too whichI think is the pastry element coming through, and they work, in fact they work very well. I will be buying more of these before Christmas, they may not be the most traditional flavour for the season but it is nice to see something a bit different.

The Power of Sausage Roll Walkers Crisps

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