19 November 2020

Gleefully Gluten Free Brown Owl Brownie - and a walk in the country (@NL10)


The British Countryside - lovely and green, and blatantly about to rain.  This was in October when we were allowed out, and I figured it'd be a nice opener.

While we were out there -naturally- we picked up a snack from the socially distant hut.

Along with the paper cup tea I chose a Gleefully Gluten Free Brown Owl Brownie - which has salted caramel and dark chocolate which are exciting additions.

Look at that gooey loveliness.

I do think that the gluten free status of brownies is almost magical. If you choose Gluten Free brownies over the regular versions then you know you aren't getting a rock hard one that needs microwaving to goo up, but something like this that behaves correctly even when the large gazebo you are in is getting rained upon.

Definitely something I'd hunt for again - a lovely treat.

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