9 November 2020

Greggs Sausage and Beans Melts (Iceland) By @cinabar

Greggs Sausage and Beans Melts (Iceland)

Watching the Great British Bake Off last week I spotted that a few people were making breakfast quiches and the subject of baked beans came up, apparently many people don’t like them. I found this quite shocking for me they are on the essentials of a full English breakfast, along with bacon, sausage and egg. I also like them on toast, and from KFC, beans are good people. They were described as tasteless and boring on the Bake Off, sad times.

Anyway as I like baked beans I couldn’t resist trying out these frozen Greggs Sausage and Beans Melts, to get the Greggs experience at home you just pop them in the oven and bake them. Plus there were three in the box instead of two as they were on special at Iceland, bonus. They went quite golden, and the beans had started to drip at one side but it is ok because I’m not actually on the Bake Off. The flavour was lovely though. The pastry was crispy and buttery the filling had loads of tomato flavour from the beans, and the sausage was good and meaty. It was a nice mix so finding a piece of the meat broke it up and made it interesting to eat. I thoroughly enjoyed these bakes and their baked bean goodness, worth keeping a box in the freezer for a quick lunch or dinner.

Greggs Sausage and Beans Melts (Iceland)

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