22 November 2020

Huel Bar - Peanut Butter (@NLi10)

I'm a big fan of Huel.  It's my default lunch now it's got colder (the grain works well as I don't have to leave the office), and I'll even sneak in a shake now and then.

So last time I reordered I added a couple of bars as a treat.

These are an approved snack for the meal plan, and I guess more towards the fitness and weight-loss side of the cult, rather than the not having to eat hospital sandwiches or go out in a cold pandemic side which I am more interested in.

Really doesn't look that appetising.  Reminds me of the original protein bars before people figured out that drinking whey was much more pleasing.

And it's just as dry and unexciting as I remember those being.  I'd have thought technology would have moved on, but it's still just designed for power-lifters who need all food to taste like a punishment.

So disappointing I've never even considered eating the 2nd bar, I'll save it for a long walk when I'm desperate for sustenance - and have access to water to offset the dryness.

Not one I can recommend at all!

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