26 November 2020

Chilli Jam?! (Ok - Tracklements Mango & Chilli Chutney) - (@NLi10)

After Uncle Roger initially caused a stir on YouTube about Egg Fried Rice he then criticised Jaimie Oliver for using 'Chilli Jam' in his own recipe.  This is correct - Mr O rarely gets the recipes right, and is a big fan of bashing in anything within arms reach to great effect.  

Thing is - I was pretty sure we had a jar of the stuff sitting unopened at the bottom of one of our cupboards.

Looks ace right? But when are you actually going to use this at home?

That's a lot of spicy stuff - maybe too much for a nice side with ham after Christmas.  But wait! We can order popadoms with our takeaway as an indulgence and have an excuse to try this!

And wow is this powerful.  I chose a curry at the top end of my spice tolerance and this made it feel tame for the first few mouthfuls.  I think it's the ginger - I have a really low tolerance for it - but my goodness is this special.  I don't want to waste this chucking it at EFR, I want to save it for the inevitable left-overs and for the popadoms as intended.  I guess this counts as another Diwali review (I had Masala Mughlai) but frankly I'm eating this all over the winter and looking forwards to it.

Another ace pick up from the Tracklements family. 

(and here is the video in question)


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