11 November 2020

Cadbury’s Snowy Fingers (Asda) By @SpectreUK

Cadbury’s Snowy Fingers

"This could possibly be the only snow we see this year," he says tempting fate… Though hopefully not as I think we've probably seen enough problems in 2020 without blizzards and snowdrifts, so cute Snowy Fingers from Cadbury's sound pretty good to me. Besides I suppose if we're all stuck inside over Christmas, just as long as the supermarket and Amazon deliveries keep coming in, then we'll be okay… Oh, yes… and of course Father Christmas needs to be able to get through too, but a little snow has never bothered him!

These Cadbury's Snowy Fingers are covered with White Chocolate and Milk Chocolate, which sounds pretty complex in the manufacturing process, so they certainly deserve their own open box photograph. There is a nice "Secret Santa" label on the back of the box incase anyone is insane enough to give these Cadbury's Snowy Fingers away as a present to someone else. I heard that Secret Santa presents had been banned in some organisations because they'd caused too many arguments. I guess Secret Santa presents aren't something we have to worry about in December 2020. More likely worrying about whether Father Christmas was wearing a face mask and also used hand sanitiser or latex gloves when handing out the presents in your house late at night after climbing down the chimney. That's funny as any other year that would likely be a burglar!

Cadbury’s Snowy Fingers

Anyway on opening the box as you can see from the photograph these Cadbury's Snowy Fingers are white chocolate fingers part dipped in milk chocolate. The white chocolate coating is sheer creamy indulgence. So adding an extra layer of milk chocolate adds further chocolatey creaminess to the already white chocolate goodness making these Cadbury's Snowy Fingers indulgent to the extreme. I know that wasn't the greatest of English, but I just couldn't help it. The finger biscuit underneath the layer of white chocolate and milk chocolate is crunchy and melts in the mouth.

These Cadbury's Snowy Fingers are really good indeed. They went perfectly well with anything from a mug of Earl Grey Tea, a pint of Plum Porter from the Titanic Brewery, or my White Hot Chocolate drink. I can't think of a single complaint, other than there just weren't enough of them in the box!

Information on the box; Each 21g serving or 3 Snowy Fingers has 113 calories, with 6.1g of fat, 8.3g of sugar and 0.08g of salt. Please see photograph for the ingredients.

Cadbury’s Snowy Fingers

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