18 November 2020

Aero Dreamy Snowbubbles (Co-op) By @SpectreUK

Aero Dreamy Snowbubbles

These new Aero Dreamy Snowbubbles are described on the packet as; "An aerated vanilla flavour centre with half milk chocolate, half white shell." As you can see from the photograph these spherical Dreamy Snowbubbles are rather smartly half dark and half light in colour. They just needed a dot on each side for the full Yin and Yang. For some reason on pouring them out of the bag for Cinabar to take the photograph they reminded me of the game Othello that I used to play against my sister as a child. As far as I can remember I wasn't half bad at it (pun intended), but she might dispute that.

On taste these Aero Dreamy Snowbubbles melted in my mouth once I'd bitten through the soft outer shell. They taste creamy to the extreme, especially accompanying my White Hot Chocolate drink. There was a creamy flavour from the white chocolate to begin with, a slight interjection from the milk chocolate, and then the full creamy flavour of vanilla filled my tastebuds sumptuously.

Aero Dreamy Snowbubbles

These Aero Dreamy Snowbubbles are very flavoursome indeed. They are a proper treat for after lunch or dinner. I'd certainly recommended a hot chocolate accompaniment, and putting your feet up for a while with a good book or movie, and popping one after another of these Aero Dreamy Snowbubbles into your mouth for the full luxurious experience. You deserve it!

Information on the packet; The 80g bag contains 128 calories per 8 sweet serving, with 7.1g of fat, 14.9g of sugar, and 0.05g of salt. Please see photograph for the ingredients.

Aero Dreamy Snowbubbles

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