7 November 2020

Heart & Soul Session IPA Beer (Asda) By @SpectreUK

Heart & Soul Session IPA Beer

I reckon this Heart & Soul Session IPA is the first beer I've ever drunk that's name sounds like a power ballad. This is quite a strong session beer at 4.4% volume, so probably no operating heavy machinery after a work break of drinking a 330ml can of this Heart & Soul. The Vocation Brewery in Yorkshire brews "bold beers" and this is their very finest example - their Heart & Soul.

The can sports this beer as golden yellow in colour, with a tropical fruity aroma, and a citrus fruity taste. This all sounds pretty good to me. The tropical citrus fruitiness comes from the use of US West Coast hops in the brewing to produce a mixture of flavours reminiscent of passionfruit, grapefruit, pineapple, mango and gooseberry.

On opening the can there was an explosion of tropical fruity hoppy aromas mixed in with each other. These fruity hops were cheerfully romping and stomping over and over each other in the can desperate to be poured out into my waiting beer glass. This Session India Pale Ale shines like the sun on a Caribbean beach. The tropical fruity citrus aromas pounced on my tastebuds as I took my first lip smacking swig. The lightly bitter refreshing tropical mishmash of hops gave way slightly to the sweeter malts. And yet those tropical flavoursome hops did stick around throughout the flavour and even into the aftertaste.

Mmm… I can just imagine myself on that Caribbean beach, with the waves softly lapping against the sand near my feet. I bevy of babes in bikinis giggling whilst they play volleyball a little way away. A speedboat hoping over the waves in the distance with a waterskier hanging on for dear life behind it. Cinabar rubbing suntan lotion into my back as I knock back the citrus tropical fruity hops followed by those sweet pale malts. All the worries of the world behind us… Just the sun, the sea, the beer, the hot sand, and a cool breeze. So here's to love, to life, with all my Heart & Soul. Cheers! ;-)

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