15 November 2020

Sky Juice & Ting! (@NLi10)

 The weather in the UK can be dreadful.  The drizzle alone has been known to drive non-native people insane.  I think it is for this reason that most people who move here bring their snacks too.  This is perfect for me as I get new international friends, and new snacks.

And in the autumn, remembering summer is easier when you have a fridge full of Caribbean flavours.

From left to right we have Genna Juice - Sky Juice & Jam Roc - Sky Juice (which I only found out is a well known flavour the last time I reviewed one of these).  Then we have the Ting - grapefruit and the Sol Sensations Pineapple Sky juice (which just confuses me further).

Both red Sky Juices got drank at home.  The Jam Roc one seems more childish and sweet where as the Genna Juice one is more rich and fruity.  Both have a lovely grape juice texture with strong fruits on top.  I'll drink both again but I think I prefer the Sip Shack one I had previously that I reviewed here.

Ting is an institution - it's sharp enough to be exciting but unlike traditional English grapefruit juice is drinkable by those under 60 without destroying the taste-buds first.  It's a lovely little burst of summer.

It's an odd one this - the thickness of sky juice but the taste of pineapple - and while it's certainly nice, I'm not sure it's as me as the rest of these.  Would be devilish with a sip of rum though!

If you are struggling with the dark evenings and need a little burst of sunshine then you should search these out from your local little newsagents (or online store) and failing that pick up some Vitamin D (via 10,000 iu tablets online, spray from Holland & Barrett or just Crunchy Nut Cornflakes) and remember the few warm days we had.

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