24 November 2020

Kit Kat - Honeycomb (Asda) By @Cinabar

Kit Kat - Honeycomb

This new Kit Kat Honeycomb launched without much of a fanfare, in fact the first I saw of it was on the Asda website with a missing image on the preview icon, no expense spared. I added it to the basket anyway and this pack of nine bars arrived. I love the classic style of multipack Kit Kats as they are still in their traditional foil and paper wrappers which always feels rather retro and cool.

I opened up the first one and had the lovely aroma of burnt caramel and cinder toffee and it made me look forward to the bar itself. I snapped one of the sticks in half and I couldn’t see any visual difference to show where the honeycomb was, it looked very much like a regular Kit Kat, but it did smell nicer.

Despite the aroma the Kit Kat didn’t have a strong flavour at all, it was very similar to a normal Kit Kat just a bit sweeter, there was a hint of something, a slight taste of honeycomb but I do think you could miss it if you didn’t know to look for it. This Kit Kat Honeycomb was still nice because of the chocolate and the wafer, but not exciting. The bar was released without a lot of fanfare and I think that might be because it just didn’t deserve it. Pleasant enough with a cup of tea but not one to rush out and buy.

Kit Kat - Honeycomb

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