1 November 2020

M&S Fruity Gruesome Sweets - jelly brains! (@NLi10)

 Today is all saints day (never-ever...) and Halloween was yesterday. We had precisely zero (0) trick-or-treaters, seems most children got dressed up and went to the corner shop with their parents. This means I have 20 fun size Choc bars to eat. Hoooray!

We also got gifted this discounted tub of normal year trick or treat sweets.

Look how fantastic these are! May contain traces of terror! Why? Because after the first child at the door scoops a handful of these you might as well bin the rest due to covid... perfect for pre-lockdown house parties, not great for sharing now.

And - believe it or not - this gruesome bowl of brains and bones is actually suitable for vegetarians. I mean, it just doesn’t appeal to vegetarians or vegans, being a bowl of brains and bones.  And I suspect that while they don’t have the logo these are also Halal, so suitable for Halaloween, but again - I’m not sure they’d appeal to that market either.  

I think it’s a little too twisted for it’s own good.

I suspect marks and Spencer’s still have a lot of these to shift in their sale sections...

So what are they like? Well - they are similar to the other veggie gum sweets out there, just the right amount of sticky and chewy to be exciting. Perfect for film night snacks, and really fruity to boot.  In the right year these would have flown off the shelves.

2020 is not the right year so I have to eat 800g of brains and hearts myself.

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