29 November 2020

Co-op's All Butter Pastry Winter Eve's Pudding Tarts (@NLi10)

 Well - with the announced restrictions I think everyone has basically decided to have Christmas whenever (the adults anyway).  So - lets crack out the Winter Eve's Pudding Tarts - wait what?!

I see Co-op have also decided to appease my wrath by offering a festive alternative to the mince pie.  So lets have a look at them!

They have a tiny bit of sultanas in them to add a kick to the apple bit - but we will forgive them this time - seeing as it's Christmas.

Flo decided that they were quite interesting, but not enough to have a nibble.  She didn't even steal any of the stars!

They are pretty presentable too - despite all the ones in our shop having been stored on their sides so the tops were sliding off (whoops) and the little stars mean these will appeal to everyone.

And they are surprisingly light too - the filling is hidden at the bottom and it's mostly fluffy sponge.  I will make sure to have these again become Christmas disappears in Feb.

They taste more like a mulled wine pie than a mince pie and I heartily approve!

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