5 November 2020

No Bonfire Snacks to review - have some Blueberry & Cinnamon Jam (@NLi10)

 For all the seasonal food we get there is very little to celebrate fireworks day/guy fawkes night/my Grandma’s birthday.  We did get a few during the burnt caramel era, but I guess they didn’t appeal for long, so more general winter themes have been used.

If you know of any specific fireworks snacks then please share away!

Instead - we have the first of the slightly festive things on my camera roll, cinnamon jam.

This tiny little jar is another one of those small batch things, and the stall owner that sold us this said it’s the most popular one!  My suspicion is that’s because you just don’t see blueberry jam that often, and the cinnamon edge makes it sound very exciting.

As always - add to scones.

I bought another expensive jar of Blueberry jam recently, and my main take away from that was the reason there is so little of it in standard ranges is that it’s just not that good. It’s essentially like a weaker black currant jam, and that’s just not that exciting. Where the genius of this product shines through is that a strong flavour would bury the cinnamon (or make it so you needed to add loads). Here, you get a festive tickle of cinnamon but with the fruity sweetness of the blueberries. A lovely harmony of flavours, that’s fine on scones but really shines on toast - more like a marmalade I suppose.

So, if you spot something like this to try out then I’d recommend it - just festive enough for a crisp November morning, but not necessarily just for saving for the big day itself.

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paulham said...

Sounds interesting.
Blueberries in their raw form can be quite tasteless.

America may be having a few issues at the moment but they know that cinnamon isn't just for Christmas.