17 November 2020

Marks and Spencer Percy Pig Phizzy Pop (Ocado) By @Cinabar

Marks and Spencer Percy Pig Phizzy Pop (Ocado)

Ocado have switched its core products from Waitrose to Marks and Spencer which has meant I have access to Marks and Spencers food-hall goodies that I haven’t seen since I used to commute by train (the pre Covid days). Obviously the most missed items are those relating to Colin the Caterpillar and Percy Pig and being the grown adult that I am I ordered a bottle of this Marks and Spencer Percy Pig Phizzy Pop, not even for a party but just because I can.

The drink is in a surprisingly posh bottle even with one of those metallic wraps around the lid that you have to pull off, like a posh bottle of something sparkling rather than what is essentially a posh children’s drink. The drink states that it is flavoured with raspberry and grape which sounded quite refreshing, it is made with sweeteners rather than added sugar. So my exciting discovery on trying this drink was that the mix of raspberry and grape was remarkably similar to bubblegum as a flavour. Who knew? This is a very sweet drink and I say that as someone who is proud of their sweet tolerance levels, usually I can’t be beaten but this was quite something.

It is pink and fizzy and fun. It is overly sweet but I think that works as a celebration drink for kids, perhaps I just wasn’t the target market.

Marks and Spencer Percy Pig Phizzy Pop (Ocado)

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