25 February 2020

Wotsits - GIANTS - Flaming Hot (Sainsburys) By @Cinabar

Wotsits - GIANTS - Flaming Hot

Oh my word people have you seen my Giant Wotsits??? I think it is fair to say I am easily taken in by a novelty and these new supersize Wotsits really did make me happy, they are awesome. They are such a silly fun giant shape that I really did keep going on about them, they made me smile from ear to ear.

Wotsits - GIANTS - Flaming Hot

So I had these Wotsits - GIANTS - Flaming Hot with lunch, and poured out the bag with some mini sandwiches. We were sharing the bag and there seemed to loads in there to go around, which is a nice change. It was also nice to see that ‘giant’ really did mean impressively big and not just fractionally larger than usual. The Wotsits are a little darker than regular one in colour, but are still on the side of orange rather than a red you may have expected from the flavour.
Taste wise these work very well, they are spicy but not too hot just nice and tasty and warming to munch on. That is the best part really the munching on Giant Wotsits, they are such fun to eat they have a lovely crunchy texture that dissolves after you bite. The size enhanced this and I found myself loving them. Others who were trying them said they were a little drying in the mouth compared to the normal size but I was having too much fun to notice that. This well could be my favourite crisps of the year and it is only February.
Wondering what other crisps products could do with being supersized, who do I write to to make Giant Quavers a thing?

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