16 February 2020

I Have Nothing Interesting To Talk About This Week (@NLi10)

Ordinarily when I'm out and about I pick up things to talk about.  I may eat something exciting in a restaurant, or maybe just order some nutritious dust off a Facebook advert.  Recently none of those things have happened so I basically have run out of stored photos on my phone!

Luckily (for me - not you I expect) I have a few breaks coming up so I'll be sure to go into meticulous details about all kinds of things that no sane person cares about (remember the highest vending machine in Spain?)

If I'd been a bit more organised I could have reviewed these foamy turtles I ate at my sisters house yesterday.  Oddly the shell being softer than the body is really confusing.

The concept of no hidden nasties in a filled turtle seems a little unlikely.

I could have also taken better pictures of the sloe gin we had - all home made.  Even the Papillion didn't sit still for the photo!  It was very nice, if not a little strong to drink all night long.

So I'd got something to talk about at all I got a little drink with my cheap frozen pizza (Chicago town pepperoni - not exciting) and even opted for the rather safe purple one.

Luna's interest suggests they have been in the shop for a good while.  Tastes like purple water as you'd expect, but at least it was nice and refreshing after a long walk home!

Maybe I've got stuck in my ways - gravitating towards the Twix & Bounty rather than the unknown snacks, and having less trips into town to pick up the things like the bag of Thai curry that actually generate interest.  Maybe it's just an attempt to eat less processed food and sugar.

I promise to try harder to pick up the weird and wonderful as 2020 continues.

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