15 February 2018

The Highest Vending Machine In Spain is a disappointment (@NLi10)

Whilst on holiday we went up the volcano known as Mt. Teide in Tenerife.  The reason there are no clouds is because we are at 3,500 meters and above them!  As this is technically a Spanish colony the mountain is the highest point in Spain.

Which makes this vending machine in the 'service building' the highest vending machine in Spain!

Now - I'll often do vending machine round ups on holiday, but those in Tenerife were mostly in the hotel and very bland (which was missing a trick really as Germany loves a good vending machine and there were lots of German couples in North Tenerife).

This one is frankly worse. I suspect that my people (the English) have been here and colonised the vending machine as it's all standard high-street fare.  Some Cadbury's, some Kinder, and some Mars - it's like the greatest hits of WH Smiths.  I feel they are missing out here - in the low oxygen atmosphere I'd have loved to have tried some trek food, or something a little volcano themed.

And don't get me started on the prices! Sure you have to bring these up in the Cable Car (which was about 50 Euro for two!) but 3 Euro for a 50p Twix is a little shameful.  

I resorted to the food and drink I'd naturally bought with me.  They should have a few good Euro brands in here to balance it out so that the holiday makers are forced out of their comfort zone for a little while.  

(but that's non of my business...)

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