8 February 2018

The Coconut Kitchen - Pad Thai Meal Kit (Asda) @NLi10

Thai food is amazing, in fact I’m going out for some tonight!

At home it’s fairly simple but getting the specific tastes is sometimes a bit awkward.  So here we have a kit to take care of all that.

It promises restaurant quality pad Thai 

And all you need is the sauce sachet, the noodles and the recipe card!

The noodles are of fine quality, and perfectly pan-sized.

And it looks pleasing enough when made with quorum (Quorn - gah Auto-correct) and a few veggies. The taste was a little spicier than I’d expect for Pad Thai but I really enjoyed it and it was very quick and easy.  And most importantly being in full control made this a veggie meal (not vegan due to egg).


paulham said...

Was it just a little quorum?

NLi10 said...

Fighting Blogger on the iPad as well as autocorrect is always a loosing battle... :D