4 February 2018

Toblerone Ice-Cream!! (@NLi10)

In my Ice-Cream round up from Sunday I mentioned that I'd saved the star attraction for another day - and here it is - Toblerone Ice-Cream!

I've not seen this in the UK, but frankly where better to try it than a cafe on the side of a volcano in Tenerife.

It's a bit smushed but they had to hunt for one as there were none in the main fridge and I was worried they'd run out.  It's just authentic volcanic action.  As you can see the outside has all the nuts and stuff that you'd expect from the chocolate bar.

The choc inside was great and had the flavour of nougat if not the chewy bits (there may have been some on the outside I suppose).

As it was so hot it started to fall to pieces an I had to finish the pits that fell off with a spoon!  Definitely something that should come to the UK (if the stealth import stores of B&M and Iceland don't already have some) so that we can enjoy it if we get a summer this year.


Anonymous said...

You can now get these in multipacks from Tesco or Asda x

NLi10 said...

Hooray - thanks for the tip!